Day 60

Aug 29, 2017 · 417 words

AHS Meeting

I met with Frank and Ajay at AHS this morning. They had been having trouble installing Pycharm so I showed them how to install it. Then I walked through the process of cloning the web server repo, creating an Anaconda environment, installing all the requirements with Anaconada/Pip, installing PostgreSQL, making the database, and configuring the server. At this point they are all caught up to the degree of functionality that I’ve gotten the server to.

Testing the logging

As I feared, I immediately encountered errors when trying to run any of the data logging scripts. The primary issue was an ImportError where the mysite module is not being found. I think this has something to do with the working directory not appearing in sys.path. I was playing around in an interactive console located in one of the subdirectories and found I was unable to import mysite until I appended the working directory to sys.path. I suspect that somewhere in the code this step is missing…

Possible connection

After playing around with the python shell for a while I noticed a similar issue when I ran tried running certain scripts from different locations. The mysite/ script is the one I was experiencing an issue from. When I ran python mysite/ from the main directory I had no issues, although I found it odd that the project and workspace variables were storing empty strings. Still, I was able to import energize_andover.models just fine.

However when python from within the mysite directory I got the same error as I got from the data logging script (about the mysite module not being found). When I added


which is my project directory, the error stopped. I tried adding that line to and I was able to run that too.

I knew it wouldn’t work off the network but I ran findNAE() and got

RuntimeError: INI file with BACpypes section required

There is a BACpypes.ini file in the same directory. I navigated to the actual bacnet/script/ directory before running the Python code this time and got a different error:

OSError: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address

The address that it’s requesting is b'\x0A\x0C\x00\xFA\xba\xc0'. The b means it’s a bytes literal. The \x escape character is used to preced a two-digit hex value (i.e. an octet). Thus this byte notation corresponds to the IPv4 address

Maybe that’s just the error you get when you’re off the network. I’ll get a better idea tomorrow when I’m back on AndoverNet.

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