Day 55

Aug 23, 2017 · 361 words

AHS Meeting

I met with Anil and Kevin this morning at the AHS library. The usual work area is emptied out for cleaning, and there’s furniture strewn around the library. I gave an overview of the forecasting process and how it can be merged with the existing server.

Cloning the server

Kevin started walking me through the process of copying the web server to my work laptop. First I installed PyCharm and postgresql. I then followed a guide he gave me to set up a database and user.

I pulled the latest version of the web server’s GitHub repo and moved to the Electrical_Mapping branch.

We struggled to install all the required packages, and would often get errors for not having packages that we knew were installed. Part of the confusion arose from the presence of three different Python versions present on my system (a default 2.7 version, a 3.5 version, and Anaconda’s 3.6 version). We weren’t able to get it figured out before we had to leave.

When I got home I was tried creating a clean Anaconda virtual environment and installing all the requirements from the requirements.txt file. Anaconda only had some of the packages available, so the rest I installed with pip. The ultimate goal was to run

$ python3 makemigrations

When I tried it this time, I saw that I needed to install the bacpypes package, which I did with pip.

The next time the commmand took longer to run, and I got an error about a “nonexistent parent node”. I don’t know how migrations function in Django, but from what I gather there should be a file called in my energize_andover/migrations/ directory (like there is for bacnet/migrations/). When I removed the dependency entry for this missing energize_andover/migrations/ file from the bacnet/migrations/ file, the error message was replaced with No changes detected. It’s good that I’m not having an error at least. On the other hand, it’s possible that I just told the makemigrations command to do nothing.

I’m going to see what Kevin has to say about this progress since I have next to no knowledge about how this is all supposed to work.

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