Day 1

Jun 6, 2017 · 242 words

Today marks the start of my work on the Energize Andover project. I met with Anil at the library and went over the main goals of my team’s project.

Basically, given an arbitrary data set of timestamped energy measures, we want to be able to perform various analytics and use those to identify key areas where there is potential for energy savings. How we will accomplish that is to be decided, though I was given some places to start.

Most of today was devoted to setting up this blog. It’s hosted on GitHub so I have total control over all the assets. I tried using a Jekyll theme at first but has issues with it rendering properly. I had similar issues after switching to Hugo, but found that it was a minor matter of using an http url instead of https.

I installed Ubuntu on my work laptop and got a feel for using the command interface. I got lots of practice with Git after repeatedly pushing updates as struggled to get the site rendering the same way on GitHub as it was locally. I eventually wrote a small script that runs the necessary commands to build and publish the web page so it should be easier to update going forward.

Earlier today I started poking around with the output energy data from EnergizeApps, but I’ll wait to post about that since the images are stored on my other laptop for now.

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